Damon Bramich


Damon Bramich

Damon is the Master Teacher and Principle of Newcastle Tai Chi. Damon has over 40 Years experience playing Tai Chi and trained directly under the guidance of the famous Tai Chi Master Fu Sheng Yuan for 26 years. Fu Sheng Yuan is a direct descendant of the founder of Yang Family Tai Chi Yang Lu Chan and the patriarch of his generation. Over time Damon became his teachers leading disciple and was one that received the final teachings from his teacher before he passed in 2017 making him the first ever non family lineage successor. Damon received a 6th Dan grading from Chinese Wushu Association 2008 and has won numerous gold medals in National and International Tai Chi and Wushu championships across 6 countries including World Champion.

Damon's teaching approach, is about supporting each individual student, in their Tai Chi journey and beyond. He focuses on improving better coordinated movement, improving overall body strength and balance with a full functional core. He teachers the students how to incorporates traditional breathing techniques with simple internal energy practices and how to link then into movement and Tai Chi to improve vitality and wellbeing. Damon has the ability to tailor Tai Chi to suit each individual regardless of your level of practice or health conditions. Tai Chi can help everyone.

Damon also runs a successful Natural Therapies Clinic in the Newcastle area he specialises Remedial Massage, Corrective Exercise and Dry Needling. in 2020 he received a Fellowship from the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and teachers professional eduction for practitioners .

Miciah Gugliemi


Miciah Guglielmi "Yang Martial Arts Teacher"

Miciah started Tai Chi in 2009 he is the 6th generation disciple of the Yang Tai Chi Family. Miciah commenced practising Tai Chi in 2009 after spending the previous decade studying several kinds of martial arts in the USA and Australia. He is also an accredited instructor with Newcastle Tai Chi. Micah is reigning world champion in the Form and Push hand Internationally and in Australia. Miciah is cultivating and maintaining Martial Spirit. What Miciah is offering is a deeper development of martial skill in mind body development in mindful biomechanics using natural core movements to build strength and foster the development of students using Martial Arts philosophy.


Gabriela den Hollander

About Gabriela 

Gabriela has been training as an Aikido student since 1985 and has attended many seminars across the world and is an accomplished Aikido teacher. Gabriela is also a board member of The Tai Chi Association of Australia and the Editor of the TCAA newsletter.

Gabriela was looking to enhance her training, and this led her to seek out another teacher. She came across Damon Bramich, with experience in the martial art of Yang Tai Chi, she has been training with Damon since 2017 at Newcastle Tai Chi School.

Gabriela’s aim is to hand on the original skills and to offer something for everyone to become healthier, to improve flexibility and strength for her students to live a better lifestyle.



Bev Mudge

About Bev

Bev started Tai Chi in 1997 and has diplomas in Remedial Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a certified Tai Chi Instructor with the Yang Tai Chi Academy Newcastle Tai Chi. Bev has been with Newcastle Tai Chi under the instruction of Damon Bramich for over 10 years. Bev is one of our most highly regarded teachers also   one of our most dedicated members of the school. Bev is also proficient in several different forms we teach at our school.